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About The Trail

Created from a shared vision between three communities.

Stretching for over seven miles through three western Oakland County communities, the Michigan Air Line Trail was built on the foundation of the historic Air Line/Coe railway. Back in the 19th century, a railroad visionary conceived of a railroad that would extend from Toronto, Ontario to Chicago, Illinois — and would follow as straight a route as was possible — "like a bird would fly along in an air line." That's where we took our name from, and we also honor the rich railway legacy in our logo as well.

The Michigan Air Line Trailway Management Council meets publicly each month to discuss trail management priorities, trail events and other developments. The meeting site rotates between Commerce Township and Wixom City Hall, but generally takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 3pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend monthly Trail Council meetings.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, July 10, 3pm, Wixom City Hall

Trail Manager

Trail Council Members

Larry Gray, Commerce Township
Steven Brown, City of Wixom

Media Gallery

Milestones & Timeline

  • 2009

    • Formation of CW2 Trailway Council

    • Three Communities; Interlocal Agreement

  • 2017

    • Acquisition of Coe Railway property, ribbon-cutting celebration, development next

    • Summer: Levine Design Engineering proposal

    • October: Design process begins, Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Application submitted via Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)

  • 2018 

    • January: TAP Grant $2.15 M conditionally awarded, add’l local match needed

    • March: Initial plans & estimate complete, G.I. Meeting; open discussions with other funders

    • June: Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation grant, $2.2 M (both phases) 

  • 2019

    • March-Sept: Construction Phase One ($4.4 M estimate; low bid $2.9 M)

  • 2020

    • Fall: Begin Design Engineering Phase Two

  • 2021​

    • Install road crossing signage and kiosks, etc.

    • Apply for TAP grant for Phase Two work

  • 2022

    • Construction Phase Two (MDOT TAP $1.5 M/estimate $2.5 M; low bid $2.4 M)

  • 2023

    • Construction completed

    • Mack Park (Wixom) redevelopment

    • M-5 Wayside development

    • Trail Town Application

    • Additional amenity install

  • 2024​

    • Mack Park Shelter opens​

When you build a trail using Federal and State funds, you are basically building a 10-foot wide road. There are many steps to fulfill before there's a nice pathway to walk, ride or run on. Here are a few of the major waypoints in the Air Line's journey: 

CW2 Trailway Management Council

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